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10 Best Drip Irrigation Hose Timer – Available On Market

By Erica Puisis

Best Reviews Guide to compares all Drip Irrigation Hose Timer of 2023. You can easily compare and choose from the 10 best Drip Irrigation Hose Timer for you. Check from 58692 reviews. Best Drip Irrigation Hose Timer Best Reviews Guide to buying. Here have compare 58692 products to choice top rated Drip Irrigation Hose Timer in this article. Find the best one from 58692 reviews. However, Check our listings below:

Drip Irrigation Hose Timer
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Comparison Chart for Drip Irrigation Hose Timer

Drip Irrigation Hose Timer is one of the best things for outdoor work. Learn about lawn Drip Irrigation Hose Timer reviews here. Best Reviews Guide to buying from 58692 product.

1Orbit 21004 B-hyve Smart Hose Faucet Timer with Wi-Fi Hub9.6Buy On Amazon
2Melnor 65036-AMZ AquaTimer 4-Zone Digital Timer with 5 Stainless Steel Filter Washers Watering Set9.6Buy On Amazon
3Raindrip R675CT Analog 3-Dial Water Timer9.4Buy On Amazon
4VIVOSUN Automatic Water Timer9Buy On Amazon
5RAINPOINT Sprinkler Timer, Water Timer Programmable Garden Outdoor Hose Feature Timer with Rain Delay/Manual/Automatic Watering System8.8Buy On Amazon
6RESTMO Sprinkler Timer, Programmable Water Timer for Garden Hose8.6Buy On Amazon
7RESTMO Water Timer, Digital Programmable Hose Timer for Garden Lawn Sprinkler8.6Buy On Amazon
8DEWENWILS Sprinkler Timer 2 Zone8.4Buy On Amazon
9Orbit 58910 Programmable Hose Faucet Timer8.4Buy On Amazon
10DIG BO9D - Battery Powered Digital Hose End Irrigation Watering Timer Clamshell Single Station8.2Buy On Amazon

Table Of Content:

1. Orbit 21004 B-hyve Smart Hose Faucet Timer with Wi-Fi Hub

  • COMPLETE CONTROL: The B-hyve app is fully functional for android, iOS or web devices and gives you control wherever you need it, from anywhere in the world, program the timer using the app, or let the weather-based software create it for you.
  • SMART WATERING: Weather sense technology provides watering based on site conditions such as slope, soil type, sun/shade, historical et and live weather feeds it automatically adjusts your controller to deliver the right amount of water to your plants.
  • CERTIFIED TO SAVE WATER: B-hyve is certified for the rigorous Water-Sense testing protocols, ensuring it will save you water.
  • KNOW THE FLOW: The built-in flow meter allows you to track water usage, and can be measured by gallons or by time ideal for all kinds of applications, including watering plants, gardening, washing your car, filling your pool, and greenhouse/hydroponics.
  • EASY TO INSTALL AND USE: Setup is very straightforward and simple just download the B-hyve app and create an account, then install your timer at your hose faucet, then program your timer in minutes.

2. Melnor 65036-AMZ AquaTimer 4-Zone Digital Timer with 5 Stainless Steel Filter Washers Watering Set

  • Four valves let you schedule watering separately for different areas of the yard
  • Flexible scheduling lets you water as often as every hour, up to 24 hours a day or as little as once a week on each valve.
  • Automatically water for as little as 1 minute up to 6 hours
  • Bundle includes 1 Melnor AquaTimer 4-Zone Water Timer and 5 Extra filter washers
  • Backed by a Melnor Limited 7 Year Warranty. We stand behind our products.
  • Requires 2 x AA batteries (not included)

3. Raindrip R675CT Analog 3-Dial Water Timer

  • Automate your drip system with scheduled run times, frequency, timed manual watering, and rain delay features.
  • Works from a faucet or hose bibb; compatible with Garden Hose Thread (GHT), not British Standard Pipe Thread (BSP) connection point; use adapter (not included) to connect to desired supply tubing size.
  • Three control dials: 1) set frequency; 2) set run time; 3) override scheduled program for rain delay (24 to 72 hours) or add timed manual watering without disrupting your programmed schedule; Delay button adjusts the start time; simply press until you reach your desired start time for watering (timer is set to start automatically).
  • Inlet connects directly to water source such as a faucet or hose bibb; outlet connects to appropriate adapter such as a Smart Loc Adapter to transition to supply tubing; Battery-operated timer indicates when batteries are running low; system turns valve to the “off” position when batteries run out, to prevent wasting water.
  • Comes with one Hose-End Automatic Water Timer and Smart Loc Universal Adapter

4. VIVOSUN Automatic Water Timer

  • Upgraded Auto Rain Sensor: Based on the latest rainfall sensor technology, the Automatic Water Timer’s highly-sensitive sensor will monitor real-time rainfall and respond by opening or closing the timer’s water valve; As the rain sensor gradually dries out, the hose timer will return to its previously set schedule; You will never have to turn the water on and off again.
  • 3 Separate Programs: How many of your precious plants have wilted away because they weren’t watered on time? Good news: it never has to happen again with the VIVOSUN Automatic Water Timer; It supports 3 distinct watering programs (P1/P2/P3) so you can set and customize watering times as needed to maximize plant growth.
  • User-friendly Childproof Lock: Turning on the child-proof lock avoids unintended activation and water waste by children or pets; What’s more, the manual function is ready to use at any time without having to interrupt the previously set watering program; A good helper for drip irrigation systems, rain buckets, pet watering bowls, sprinkler irrigation, and more.
  • 3 inch Large Screen Display & 6-month-Long Standby: Features a 3 inch large screen that displays all the information you need to know while watering or while fiddling; 2x 1.
  • Vital Parameter Details: Compatible faucet: Inlet/Outlet Thread: 3/4inch; Waterproof grade: IPX5; Working water pressure: 0.

5. RAINPOINT Sprinkler Timer

  • Easy Programming Program】Through the Sprinkler Timer to program, you can set the Start Time, Watering Duration is 1min-3h59min, Watering Frequency from 4h-12h or 1 day to 7 days, so you can customize your watering time, and can be more accurate.
  • Automatic Watering and Rain Delay】The Watering Timer can automatically adjust the watering and irrigation time you set or the rain start delay according to the local weather forecast, which helps to save water.
  • Big LCD Screen Display】The sprinkler timer with a big LCD Screen Display, which can display the Watering Time, Watering Frequency, Power and other detailed content, that is convenient and easy to read.
  • Product Contains】Including Water Timer*1 and User Manual*1, using 2*AAA alkaline batteries (not included), the User Manual can better help you to set the timer, the power will be displayed on the screen intelligently To remind you of the available power.
  • Multi-Scene Hose Timer】It can be used for many scenes, can be used in the garden, lawn, yard and other places,it can meet your daily life needs of the sprinkler timer.

6. RESTMO Sprinkler Timer

  • MINI WATER TIMER: Featured with a compact and elegant design, this hose timer is low profile and light-weight, which is easy to carry and perfect for narrow space installation.
  • MUTI-FUNCTIONAL SPRINKLER TIMER: It has 3 modes, auto/manual/rain-delay.
  • EASY TO USE – Rotate the dial to set clock, start time, how long and how often.
  • SPECIFICATIONS: Single outlet with solenoid valve, fitting for 3/4” hose and faucet, 1-10 gal/min flow rate, working with 8-120 psi water pressure.
  • APPLICATION: It is IP54 waterproof and leakproof, which is ideal for outdoor gravity drip irrigation, garden hose watering, lawn sprinkler controller, greenhouse mist system, pool filling, birdbath dripper, rain barrels, pet drinking, etc.

7. RESTMO Water Timer

  • ONE-TOUCH CONTROL: With intuitive operation and a straightforward panel, this hose timer is easy to control as ABC! It is all controlled by the central click button.
  • MINI WATER TIMER: Compared with most of other sprinkler timers, it featured with a compact design and elegant appearance, which makes it easy to carry and blend into your greenhouse and garden landscape.
  • EASY OPERATION: Short press the click button to set multi watering programs.
  • SPECIFICATIONS: Single outlet with solenoid valve, fitting for 3/4” hose and faucet, 1-10 gal/min flow rate, working with 10-120 psi water pressure, IP54 waterproof.
  • APPLICATION: This mini garden hose timer can apply to gravity drip irrigation, micro greenhouse irrigation, garden hose watering, lawn sprinkler controller, pool filling, mist system, birdbath dripper, rain barrels, pet drinking and other outdoor & indoor watering control systems.

8. DEWENWILS Sprinkler Timer 2 Zone

  • LEAKPROOF WATER INLET-Pure zinc integrated tap connector without extra gaskets installation,support 3/4 outdoor water faucet and avoid water leakage in use; the hose timer itself do not generate pressure, but its max sustainable water pressure is 120 psi, tap water or a pressurized water source ensures a normal drain.
  • 2 INDEPENT OUTLET- 2 water outlets( A and B) are controlled by different procedures via operate buttons to achieve independent control and do not interfere with each other, you could schedule your diverse irrigation needs via different hose and settings in the same day.
  • CUSTOMIZED SETTINGS- Up to 4 watering procedures for each outlet one day, including which zone,watering frequency and duration, rain delay, ECO function or manual watering, free from worrying about unattended plants/flowers when you are out, no more let them in drought or over-watering.
  • EASY TO OPERATE- Powered by 2 1.
  • FOR OUTDOOR USE- It is waterproof and leakproof, which is ideal for outdoor gravity drip system, birdbath dripper, refresh garden, gravity fed system, rain buckets, pet water, sprinkler irrigation, pool water injection, playing etc.

9. Orbit 58910 Programmable Hose Faucet Timer

  • Watering frequency from every 6 hrs up to every 7th day
  • Watering duration from 1 to 240 minutes
  • Rain delay options of 24, 48, or 72 hours
  • Manual watering without interrupting programing
  • Install quickly with swivel connection; Durable, weather resistant construction

10. DIG BO9D – Battery Powered Digital Hose End Irrigation Watering Timer Clamshell Single Station

  • 3/4″ FHT inlet and MHT outlet
  • Easy programming using six buttons and large LCD display
  • Watering duration from 1 minute to 12 hours 59 minutes in 1 minute intervals

Drip Irrigation Hose Timer Buying Guide

Here is mentioned of Drip Irrigation Hose Timer buying guide. You know it has an extension and also different features. This gardening product you can use very easily. We analyze it in total 58692 reviews of Drip Irrigation Hose Timer.

Most importantly, Drip Irrigation Hose Timer is a pretty good deal as it is regionally priced and consists of a whole kit of parts, which are well-manufactured. Drip Irrigation Hose Timer made with high-quality elements, which means longevity will be good for a long time as well as if you properly use and care.

However, Best Drip Irrigation Hose Timer is available color-coded and will help you select the Drip Irrigation Hose Timer depending on the task you are performing. It is also quite easy to change between the Drip Irrigation Hose Timer should you need to.

Buying the proper Best Drip Irrigation Hose Timer will not be too hard, especially if you consider quality information. In this guide, we will help you explore all you need to know before selecting that purchase!

Check Drip Irrigation Hose Timer reviews before you buy

Moreover, What factors should you consider when selecting the best Drip Irrigation Hose Timer? Let’s read everything we considered when ranking the best Drip Irrigation Hose Timer. The various quality or many reasons of Best Drip Irrigation Hose Timer has to be good, but you just consider to decide which part is your top priority before finalizing which one should purchase.

In this instance, you have many questions to ask us, How did we make the top ten list Drip Irrigation Hose Timer? Which quality has been given priority? How did we create this buying guide Drip Irrigation Hose Timer? Do not worry about it, just read it below.

  • Firstly, our expert time collects a lot of data of Drip Irrigation Hose Timer that is available online from trusted sources.
  • Secondly, our skilled teams check the 58692 reviews to validate all the Drip Irrigation Hose Timer reviews.
  • Finally, we made the best list of Best Drip Irrigation Hose Timer based on its quality-to-price ratio, industry-standard criteria, brand value, customer positive and negative reviews, and rating.

Therefore, till now, we hope you understand that the top ten Drip Irrigation Hose Timer list is not selected simply. We think very carefully about Drip Irrigation Hose Timer various criteria before making a list. Check the criteria lists are below:

Features to consider

  1. Brand Value: Firstly, we check who is the manufacturer of Drip Irrigation Hose Timer. Because a well-known company always make their product with the best quality. They never compromise with quality to keep alive their reputations.
  2. Features: After that, we count the number of features of Drip Irrigation Hose Timer.  Always giving priority to which one has built with the highest number of features.
  3. Specifications: Now we check the Drip Irrigation Hose Timer specifications. Here is also the priority to which one has built with the highest number of specifications.
  4. Customer Reviews: Another vital point is Drip Irrigation Hose Timer customer reviews. You know that a buyer or a user writes 58692 reviews only when he enjoys using this product. So you must respect valuable user reviews.
  5. Customer Rating: According to the customer reviews, the rating is also very important to make the best top 10 lists of Drip Irrigation Hose Timer. Because that gives a higher rating when a user feels comfortable using the product or enjoys working.
  6. Negative Ratings: There is no chance to ignore the negative rating. Because that gives a lower rating when a user does not feel comfortable using the product or does not enjoy working.
  7. Longevity: We also consider the longevity of Drip Irrigation Hose Timer. You will expend your money to buy it. So, if you can not use it for a long time then your money will be wasted. For that, we always care about longevity.
  8. Seller Rank: This is also an important point. We check how many Drip Irrigation Hose Timer this company has sold. If the company's product is good, then, of course, they will sell more. It helps us to make best Drip Irrigation Hose Timer lists.
  9. Availability: It is also checked whether the Drip Irrigation Hose Timer is currently available or not in the market. Sometimes that company is no longer doing the new specific model. Then when we list it, we lower it down.
  10. Average: Finally, we calculate an average all the things we discussed above. Then we make the final best top ten list of Best Drip Irrigation Hose Timer.


Q. What type of Drip Irrigation Hose Timer is best?
A. The top four of our list are best. Although the top ten Drip Irrigation Hose Timer is also good, we recommend that if your budget match then purchases from the top one to four.

Q. What type of Best Drip Irrigation Hose Timer customer rating is good?
A. Of course, the rating should have above 8 out of 10 of your desired product Drip Irrigation Hose Timer.

Q. How does a Drip Irrigation Hose Timer work?
A. It works automatically and manually. Also, gas and electricity to use for doing your task outside.

Q. How should I choose a Drip Irrigation Hose Timer?
A. You should choose the best Drip Irrigation Hose Timer to see the higher positive customer 58692 reviews and ratings. As well Drip Irrigation Hose Timer more specifications and features.


So, the respected buyer, we hope that you got the right information about Drip Irrigation Hose Timer. Now you can consider buying Drip Irrigation Hose Timer from amazon. Our outdoor tools review team recommendation is, do not hesitate to buy Best Drip Irrigation Hose Timer if the score is higher than 8 score and above.

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